Austin’s Real Estate Revolutionaries

15 Startups Changing the Way We Think About Property

Austin, Texas, renowned for its thriving live music scene and bustling tech ecosystem, is also home to a variety of startups that are innovating the real estate sector. These companies are not only reshaping how we buy, sell, and manage properties, but they’re also enhancing the experiences of homeowners, tenants, and investors alike. Here’s a closer look at 15 such enterprises that are making waves in Austin’s real estate scene.

1. Darwin Homes

Redefining Property Management
Darwin Homes introduces a modern twist to property management, offering a streamlined rental experience for both property owners and residents.

2. OJO Labs

Your Personal Guide in Home Journey
OJO Labs delivers personal guidance to home seekers and sellers, providing a tailored approach for each home journey.


A New Paradigm for Real Estate Transactions has created a platform specifically designed to simplify modern real estate transactions.

4. CertifID

Safeguarding Real Estate Transfers
CertifID operates as a SaaS security platform, ensuring the safe and secure transfer of bank account information.

5. The Guild

Blurring the Lines Between Apartments and Hotels
The Guild seamlessly turns upscale apartment units into technologically advanced hotel suites, reimagining urban accommodations.

6. Flueid

Optimizing Real Estate Workflows
Flueid integrates title data at the start of real estate workflows, minimizing costs and expediting the closing process.

7. Ownwell

Home Ownership Made Affordable
Ownwell offers online solutions to help individuals slash the costs associated with owning real estate.

8. Milestones Labs

Empowering Homeowners
Milestones Labs assists homeowners in managing their properties efficiently, with the support of trusted advisors.

9. Sunroom Rentals

Reimagining Property Leasing
Sunroom Rentals employs technology to assist landlords and property managers in leasing their properties effectively.

10. Bungalo

Simplifying the Home Buying Process
Bungalo strives to make the home buying experience as smooth and delightful as possible.

11. Andes STR

Effortless Investment in Short-Term Rentals
Andes STR employs proprietary technology to revolutionize the way customers invest in short-term rentals.

12. Locale

Accommodations for the Thoughtful Traveler
Locale offers meticulously designed accommodations for travelers who seek quality and intent in their stays.

13. Relive

Building Tomorrow’s Real Estate Entrepreneurs
Relive is committed to nurturing the next generation of real estate entrepreneurs by aiding agents in building prosperous businesses.

14. Palladius

Next-Gen Real Estate Investment
Palladius stands out as an avant-garde real estate investment firm, focusing on managing investments for institutional clients.

15. Homeward

Streamlined Home Purchasing
Homeward empowers homebuyers to make all-cash offers and facilitates the acquisition of a new home before selling the old one.

With such dynamic startups operating in Austin, the future of real estate appears vibrant and full of potential. These companies continue to push boundaries, setting new standards for an industry ripe for innovation.

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