Corsair M360 Selected as a Top 10 API Management Solutions Company for 2022

Corsair M360, a full-service API management technology and consulting company today announces that it has been selected by CIO Applications as a “Top 10 API Management Solutions Company” for 2022.

This recognition celebrates and identifies companies at the forefront of creating microservices architectures, SaaS platform offerings, and other IoT opportunities that enable developers to easily integrate applications by standardizing the API development and design process. Corsair M360 was selected for its Maestro360™ platform, a lightweight, portable, multi-tenant platform designed to support companies ranging from startups to large enterprise organizations in their application development and integration journey. 

The Maestro360 platform is uniquely capable of being hosted on any cloud, using any technology, and working in any environment. It is composed of three full-featured, integrated modules, an API Gateway, Middleware, and Console. These modules work seamlessly together, out-of-the-box to enable app developers to build, rapidly deploy, and manage complex web applications. The platform is available as both a SaaS service and an enterprise model. 

 “Corsair M360 is very pleased to have been selected for this prestigious recognition,” said Keith Bacon, Co-founder. “It reflects our commitment to providing app developers across all industries with innovative solutions to address the increasing demands placed upon them to create new applications and bring together legacy systems. Our Maestro360 platform removes the complications that historically occur in the creation of custom code.” Co-founder Mike Hajj states “our platform provides the flexibility, portability, multi-tenancy, and security that today’s applications require, and can be utilized by developers of all skill levels.”

A copy of the CIO Applications magazine article can be found at Top API Solutions Companies – API Companies (

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About CorsairM360:

Corsair M360 is an API Management technology and consulting services company that offers services that include application design, infrastructure, hosting platform blueprints, and coaching on the best strategies for application developers to follow. The company’s lightweight portable multi-tenant API management platform, MaestroM360 focuses on solving the common challenges that all complex applications create, not only a specific type of application. The MaestroM360 platform can be hosted on any cloud, using any technology in any environment, and requires little to no skill to develop and deploy.

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