Dallas in Motion: The 15 Sports Startups Shaking Up the Scene

Emerging Athlete-Centric Ventures from the Heart of Texas

1. Fancurve
Trendsetting Digital Fashion via Blockchain
Marrying fashion with blockchain, Fancurve is pioneering a niche in the digital sports fashion landscape, making it an absolute must-watch.

2. Sport Fishing Championship
Reeling in the Big Ones Offshore
Venture into the deep waters of sport fishing, and you’ll find Sport Fishing Championship leading the pack in showcasing the grandeur of offshore battles.

3. Monarc
Where Sports Meets Robotics
Monarc’s mission is to enhance human performance in sports, using advanced robotics. For those looking to gain that competitive edge, Monarc is a game changer.

4. Tixsee
Elevating the Fan Experience
Focused on immersing fans into sports, Tixsee’s mobile platform crafts integrated, top-tier experiences for sporting aficionados and franchises alike.

5. SportsBook 2022
Digitizing the Betting Realm
As a forward-looking IT enterprise, SportsBook 2022 offers next-generation software solutions that are revolutionizing the betting industry.

6. Equalizer Games
Gaming Meets Virtual Coaching
Merging AI and sports education, Equalizer Games is on a mission to boost athletes’ IQ through a blend of virtual coaching and game dynamics.

7. The AIR App
Redefining Athletic Networking
The AIR App is the nexus for athletes to find opportunities, gain exposure, and navigate the recruitment process through a social network tailored for them.

8. Major League Rugby
Rugby’s Premier U.S. Arena
Major League Rugby is ushering in a new era of competitive rugby in the U.S., showcasing top-tier talent across its 13 stellar teams.

9. GamePoint Technologies Inc.
Empowering Health & Fitness Creators
With GamePoint, creators in the health, wellness, and fitness sphere have a streamlined platform to monetize their content and engage with their community.

10. GoBone
Entertainment Beyond Humans
Not just for humans, GoBone offers an innovative device ensuring man’s best friend remains entertained, active, and happy.

11. Yingit Corp – Makers of Yellfy Sports App
Revolutionizing Sports Through AI
Yingit is not just disrupting but reinventing the sports industry with a dynamic AI-driven ecosystem centered around the ardent sports fan.

12. Backseat Coach
A Fresh Spin on Sports Media
Backseat Coach is where entertainment meets sports, providing audiences with content that’s as engaging as it is insightful.

13. Professional Pickleball Association
Serving Excellence in Pickleball
Step into the fast-growing realm of pickleball, and you’ll find the Professional Pickleball Association spearheading major tournaments and raising the sport’s profile.

14. The Tennis Wizard
Mastering the Mental Game
The Tennis Wizard is the ace up every tennis player’s sleeve, offering tools designed to expedite players’ progression with a focus on mental fortitude.

15. The Scout Hub
Bridging Tech and Talent in Sports
Born from professional and amateur sports insights, The Scout Hub brings technological innovation to talent scouting and development.

From AI innovations to immersive fan

experiences, Dallas is rapidly becoming a hub for sports startups, promising exciting times ahead for sports enthusiasts and investors alike.

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