Game On! Austin’s Top Sports Startups Taking the Field

Unveiling Innovation, Performance, and Passion in the Sports Industry


In the heart of Texas, the vibrant city of Austin is home to a remarkable lineup of sports startups that are revolutionizing the game. From cutting-edge technology to innovative sports gear, these 15 companies are driving excellence, empowering athletes, and transforming the sports landscape. In this article, we dive into the exciting world of sports startups in Austin, showcasing the best and most innovative players in the industry.

WIN Reality: Defining a New Dimension of Sports Training 🏆

WIN Reality prepares athletes for competition using game-speed virtual and augmented reality applications. W:

Major League Pickleball: Elevating the Game of Pickleball 🥒

Major League Pickleball offers professional pickleball content and enhances the sport’s visibility. W:

Ballogy: Beyond Basketball Analytics 🏀

Ballogy is a tracking and analytics app that connects, competes, and develops all things basketball. W:

Golf Scope: A Visionary Approach to Putting

Golf Scope’s app uses a phone camera to analyze putting green topography and speed. W:

Preciser: Precision in Sports Prediction 📈

Preciser provides visualized analysis and prediction platforms to empower sports bettors and fantasy sports players.

Virtual Combine: Elevating Athletes through Showcasing and Branding 🎥

Virtual Combine is a showcase and branding company for athletes and teams. W:

PreSnap: Making Every Play Count 🏈

PreSnap is a mobile app for American football training and coaching. W:

Zelus Analytics: Unleashing Sports Intelligence 📊

Zelus Analytics provides a world-leading sports intelligence platform for professional teams. W:

Geyser System: Powering Performance with Patented Technology 💧

Geyser System combines engineered design and patented technology for sports innovation. W:

Gymdesk: Reimagining Gym and Martial Arts School Management 🥋

Gymdesk offers modern management software for gyms and martial arts schools.

BANGS Shoes: Stepping into Adventure and Style 👟

BANGS Shoes is a retail company specializing in shoes, boots, and sports gear. W:

SportsJaw: Where Web3 Meets Sports Media and Predictions 🔮

SportsJaw is a web3 sports media and prediction platform that rewards users for sharing insights and making picks. W:

Daily Number: Fast, Fun, and Fair Fantasy Sports 🏅

Daily Number offers daily fantasy sports made fast, fun, and fair.

ProTurn: Inspiring Young Athletes through Soccer

ProTurn Group is a sports body that inspires young athletes and enhances the community through soccer.

Dollar Driver Club: Tee Off with a Revolutionary Subscription 🏌️‍♂️

Dollar Driver Club is the world’s first subscription-based golf club service. W:


From virtual reality training to next-level analytics and innovative sports gear, Austin’s sports startups are taking the field with unparalleled passion and innovation. These 15 companies are transforming the sports industry, redefining performance, and empowering athletes to achieve greatness. With their game-changing solutions, Austin’s sports startups are showcasing why the city is a thriving hub for sports innovation and excellence.

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