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Howdy, Carbon Partners: Texas Cowboys, Investment Startups, and Regenerative Agriculture

Ranchers and innovators partner up to store billions of tons of carbon in this episode of Made In America: Farms Across America

Consensus Digital Media presents episode #7 of Made In America: Farms Across America, featuring a growing community of ranchers, innovators, scientists, and investors taking a new look at agriculture and the ways it serves our planet. Come along as we meet a seventh-generation farmer turned entrepreneur who applies science to his cattle rotation with a group of investors bringing natural carbon capture into the 21st century.

In this episode, we highlight Travis Krause, CEO of Grazing Lands, a ranch management company dedicated to helping landowners balance financial viability with ecological integrity through holistic grazing and carbon sequestration. Krause is joined by Frates Seeligson, owner of Pajarito Ranch, who has committed to the scientific approach of livestock rotation to help build healthy soil, restore grasslands, retain water, and raise livestock.

On the other side of the equation is Texas startup Grassroots Carbon which builds partnerships between landowners using regenerative practices like Pajarito Ranch and carbon buyers – making carbon purchases and sales an easy and transparent process. Their efforts will help move the U.S. toward more nature-based solutions, potentially sequestering over a billion tons of carbon annually by restoring grasslands.

“Consensus is excited to share this story of agricultural innovation in the Lone Star State,” said Consensus Publisher, Conor Gaughan. “Carbon buyers, ranch managers, and landowners are working together to restore the environment – these combined efforts will make a Texas-sized difference for our planet.”

As efforts continue to scale, the example these Texas carbon cowboys are setting can help others bolster ecological resilience. As Frates Seeligson shared, “I had to learn what nature was telling me. That’s part of what stewardship is. It’s adapting.”

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