Reimagining IP Law: Outlier Patent Attorneys Harness Data to Deliver Success

San Antonio-based Outlier Patent Attorneys utilize a unique data-driven approach to ensure high patent approval rates for their intellectual property clients.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Outlier Patent Attorneys has been launched to cater to startups and emerging companies seeking to patent their intellectual property.
  2. The firm employs a unique data analysis approach to individualize patent strategy, resulting in superior patent approval success rates.
  3. Outlier clients save an average of $9,000 per patent application due to the firm’s low patent rejection rate.
  4. The firm’s strategic use of data analytics to advise on patent filings and budgeting sets it apart from other patent law firms.

About Outlier Patent Attorneys

San Antonio-based Outlier Patent Attorneys, previously known as Shah IP Law, is a newly launched boutique patent law firm serving startups and emerging companies. The firm employs experienced intellectual property attorneys across the United States, leveraging data analytics to deliver superior results for clients aiming to patent their technology and software.

Data-Driven Success: Outlier’s Unique Approach

Outlier’s innovative approach relies on the strategic use of data to devise unique patent strategies for each client, ensuring superior outcomes. The firm’s proficiency in this approach is evidenced by their remarkable 90% patent allowance rate, significantly higher than the industry average of 64%. This means patents filed through Outlier get approved 90% of the time.

Samar Shah, founder of Outlier Patent Attorneys, elaborated on their approach: “At Outlier, we use business strategy and data analytics to advise our clients on which specific aspects of their intellectual property to focus on for seeking patents. We consult, strategize and advise our clients based on the business and industry data we analyze through several of our benchmarking and valuation tools.”

How Analytics Inform Strategy

Outlier’s analytics tools offer various capabilities, including Competitor Benchmarking, Venture Capital Benchmarking, and Patent Valuation. These analytical tools guide the firm in advising clients on both when to file a patent and when not to, based on the competitive landscape. This data-driven guidance helps clients budget for patent application costs effectively, considering their individual IP situation and the industry dynamics.

Alberto Piña, Co-Founder, and CEO of PorchPass, praised Outlier’s approach: “My favorite thing about working with Outlier is facts. We were told, right out of the gate, here are your chances of success, looking at the data, and here are the valuable opportunities.”

A Nationwide Team of Experts

What further sets Outlier apart from other IP patent law firms is its nationwide team of experienced attorneys specializing in various sectors including software, biochemistry, biologics, chemical and mechanical technology, medical diagnostic systems, and electrical technology. In addition to serving U.S-based clients, Outlier’s strategic positioning enables it to work with international companies seeking to file U.S. patents.

Shaun Edwards, Founder, and CEO of Plus One Robotics lauded Outlier’s focus on value: “The Outlier team understands that is not the volume of patents that get filed, but the value of patents that get filed.”

Outlier Patent Attorneys represents the innovative intersection of data analytics and patent law. Their strategic, data-driven approach to IP law offers an exemplary service that sets the firm apart in the industry and provides enormous value to its clients. With its unique model and experienced team, Outlier is paving the way for a new generation of IP law firms.

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