Austin’s Gaming Revolution: 15 Trailblazing Companies Shaping the Future of Play

Explore the Innovators and Game-Changers of the Austin Gaming Scene

1. INK Games

Website: INK Games

About: Based in the heart of Austin, Texas, INK Games is pioneering a unique virtual playground. They cater to gamers, social influencers, and online users, creating immersive experiences that redefine digital interaction.

2. InfiniGods

Website: InfiniGods

About: InfiniGods stands out with its blockchain-based gaming platform. This Austin-based company is at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technology into interactive entertainment.

3. Pocketful of Quarters

Website: Pocketful of Quarters

About: Revolutionizing the gaming currency landscape, Pocketful of Quarters offers a universal virtual currency platform usable across various games and platforms, a significant innovation in the gaming industry.

4. Windwalk Games

Website: Windwalk Games

About: Windwalk Games, another Austin gem, is dedicated to building the next generation of social games. Their focus on community and engagement is setting new standards in the gaming world.

5. Arctic7

Website: Arctic7

About: As a game development company, Arctic7 is carving its niche in Austin’s gaming industry with innovative and captivating gaming experiences.

6. Cinevva

Website: Cinevva

About: Cinevva is not just a gaming company but a tech innovator, providing automated tools and analytics for independent developers to stand out in a saturated market.

7. Sputnik ATX

Website: Sputnik ATX

About: Sputnik ATX plays a dual role as a VC fund and startup accelerator, focusing on empowering maker-founders in the gaming sector.

8. Ender

Website: Ender

About: Ender’s competition platform is a game-changer, offering kids the opportunity to win cash prizes for creating apps, games, websites, and more, blending gaming with real-world skills.

9. FideliumTech

Website: FideliumTech

About: FideliumTech develops educational game platforms that merge gameplay with real-world utility and education, an innovative approach in the EdTech space.

10. Monumental

Website: Monumental

About: Specializing in mobile games, Monumental is making significant strides in Austin’s gaming industry with its engaging and innovative games.

11. Dubbz

Website: Dubbz

About: Dubbz offers a unique bridge to Web3 Gaming/Wagering and provides a sustainable alternative to P2E Gaming, reflecting the evolving landscape of online gaming.

12. Tankee

Website: Tankee

About: Tankee is a media company that excels in kids’ digital entertainment, blending gaming with safe and enjoyable content for younger audiences.

13. Wimo Games

Website: Wimo Games

About: Wimo Games, a video game development and publishing company, brings a creative edge to the gaming industry with its diverse and captivating game portfolio.



About: offers advanced analytics for League of Legends, providing detailed statistics and insights, a boon for players looking to improve their game.

15. GamePress

Website: GamePress

About: GamePress stands out as a media company that builds databases and tools for mobile games, offering comprehensive resources for gamers.

Austin, Texas, is not just a hub for tech innovation but a melting pot of gaming revolutionaries. These 15 companies exemplify the diversity, creativity, and forward-thinking that make Austin a gaming powerhouse on the global stage.

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