Houston’s Industrial Innovators: Shaping the Future of Industry

Exploring 15 Dynamic Industrial Companies in Houston, Texas

1. FieldEye

Website: FieldEye
Description: FieldEye is revolutionizing industrial project management and procurement with its software solutions, catering specifically to operations teams in diverse industrial markets.


Website: IVTS
Description: Specializing in industrial and environmental material vacuuming and conveying, IVTS stands out for its effective handling of complex materials.

3. Zinc Resources

Website: Zinc Resources
Description: Aiding the steel industry, Zinc Resources innovatively recycles hazardous waste from steel production, ensuring safety and cost-efficiency.

4. Grayson Mill Energy

Website: Grayson Mill Energy
Description: This exploration and production company is making strides in managing oil and gas assets, demonstrating excellence in energy acquisition.

5. Graf Industrial

Website: Graf Industrial
Description: Graf Industrial, an acquisition company, showcases its strategic prowess in the industrial sector, marking significant growth and development.

6. Cyclone Bolt

Website: Cyclone Bolt
Description: As a leading bolt and fastener manufacturer, Cyclone Bolt exemplifies high-quality production in the industrial hardware sector.

7. PPG Energy

Website: PPG Energy
Description: PPG Energy offers innovative power generation rental solutions, playing a key role in the industrial power sector.

8. Emory Industrial Services

Website: Emory Industrial Services
Description: Known for machinery maintenance, Emory Industrial Services excels in dry-ice blasting, commercial cleaning, and disinfection services.

9. Kevton Technologies

Website: Kevton Technologies
Description: Specializing in precision machining, Kevton Technologies caters to the defense, oil, gas, and aerospace industries with bespoke manufacturing solutions.

10. Datalog Geological Services

Website: Datalog Geological Services
Description: Offering accurate data and wellsite logging solutions, Datalog Geological Services is a key player in the oil and gas industry.

11. Viking Power Technologies

Website: Viking Power Technologies
Description: Viking Power Technologies delivers cutting-edge power technology solutions, marking its significance in the energy sector.

12. 3S Superior Sealing Services

Website: 3S Superior Sealing Services
Description: 3S provides top-tier semi-metallic gaskets and sealing products, exemplifying innovation in manufacturing.

13. Total Plant Management Group

Website: Total Plant Management Group
Description: Offering engineering and manufacturing solutions, this company serves the oil and gas, power, and food industries with distinction.

14. Caliche Development Partners

Website: Caliche Development Partners
Description: Focusing on subsurface hydrocarbon storage and associated pipelines, Caliche Development Partners is a leader in energy infrastructure.

15. Metal Solutions

Website: Metal Solutions
Description: Metal Solutions stands out in metal fabrication, offering custom solutions in powder coating, welding, and plasma cutting services.

This article offers a glimpse into the diverse industrial landscape of Houston, Texas, showcasing companies that are not only thriving in their respective sectors but also contributing to the innovative spirit of the industry.

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