Stampli’s Texas Takeover: Setting the Pace for AP Automation With Its New Austin Office

Why Stampli’s Expansion into Austin Signifies a Thriving Culture and Market-Ready Solutions for Accounts Payable Automation

Key Takeaways

  • Stampli, a leader in A.I.-powered Accounts Payable (AP) automation, opens a new sales office in Austin, Texas.
  • The Austin office is already staffed with 15 employees, with a goal to grow to 35 by the end of the year.
  • Stampli’s Austin expansion follows a rapid workforce expansion in Nashville.
  • CEO Eyal Feldman claims that Stampli is a “sales person’s dream company” with a “culture of fast growth and internal promotion.”

About Stampli

Stampli, an A.I.-powered Accounts Payable automation platform, offers a highly differentiated solution in the crowded AP software space. Unlike its competitors, Stampli allows businesses to deploy its solution without changing their core financial system or existing processes. The company provides all AP-related communication, documentation, and workflows in a single place for complete visibility and control. Its additional offerings include Direct Pay, Credit Cards, and Advanced Vendor Management.

A Strategic Move to Austin

Stampli has opened its newest office in the thriving tech hub of Austin, Texas, located right in the downtown heart on Congress Avenue. Already boasting 15 employees, the office aims to house 35 staff by the end of the year. According to Eyal Feldman, CEO and Co-founder of Stampli, the decision to expand to Austin was influenced by a number of factors. “We chose Austin for our newest office because its culture fits perfectly the rest of Stampli. Our team understands finance technology, understands the art and science of sales, and has an unrelenting desire to win,” said Feldman.

Why Austin?

As a vibrant hub for technology and startups, Austin offers the perfect backdrop for Stampli’s latest expansion. The city is home to a myriad of tech talent and is culturally aligned with Stampli’s fast-paced, innovation-driven ethos. Isaac Tawney, Director of Sales at Stampli, mirrors this enthusiasm. “Everyone in this office is aware that we are building something special together. We thrive on being part of a business that’s growing even faster than our expectations, and we channel that energy into a great team vibe,” he said.

Jobs, Culture, and Perks

At Stampli’s new Austin office, the work environment promises to be as dynamic as the company’s growth. Employees have the flexibility to work from home, but the office also offers a return to the pre-pandemic norm of a high-energy work environment. Perks include stock options, generous healthcare benefits, 401(k), internal promotion opportunities, free snacks, catered meals, and happy hours. “And personally, I love being in the heart of downtown and having everything Austin offers at my fingertips,” added Tawney.

Uniquely Positioned in the AP Automation Space

What sets Stampli apart from its competitors is its user-centric approach to AP automation. With its unique technology, Stampli does not require its customers to rework their ERP systems, allowing for quick and straightforward implementation. This ease of operation makes it stand out in a market where integration issues are often a significant hindrance.

Future Outlook

The opening of the Austin office comes two months after a rapid expansion of Stampli’s workforce in Nashville. The company plans to add more than 100 sales, support, and customer success team members across its offices before the new year. These ambitious moves reflect the increasing demand for Stampli’s specialized services.


Stampli’s expansion to Austin represents more than just geographical growth; it signifies a well-calibrated strategy for tapping into new talent and markets. The company is well-poised to consolidate its position as a leader in the AP automation sector, and its new Austin office will be at the forefront of this endeavor.

For more information on Stampli and its innovative solutions for accounts payable automation, visit their website at

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