Bleach Cyber: The Rising Star of Techstars Austin 2023

From Thousands to One: How a Cybersecurity Startup is Transforming the Game for Small Businesses

Key Takeaways:

  • Bleach Cyber has been selected for Techstars Austin’s 2023 Summer Cohort, a testament to its vision and potential.
  • The startup aims to simplify cybersecurity for startups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
  • Partnership with Techstars will significantly boost Bleach Cyber’s growth, providing access to capital, customers, and invaluable advice.

About Bleach Cyber

Founded in 2023, Bleach Cyber is a cybersecurity platform designed exclusively to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The startup aims to make cybersecurity fast, easy, and affordable by leveraging existing technology and offering proactive “security opportunities.” Their API integrations and platform capabilities make it easier for businesses to reduce risks and meet compliance standards like SOC 2.

The Honor of Techstars Selection

Techstars Austin, one of the world’s largest pre-seed investors with a diversified portfolio of over 8,600 founders, recently included Bleach Cyber in its elite 2023 Summer Cohort.

Craig Goodwin, CEO and Co-founder of Bleach Cyber, expressed his excitement: “We’re honored and thrilled to be part of this very select group. It’s very exciting the Techstars team saw the vision and capability we possess to deliver on our audacious goals of transforming cybersecurity for startups and SMBs.”

The Unmet Market Need

As cyber threats continue to evolve, the demand for robust cybersecurity solutions is growing at an unprecedented rate. This is particularly true for startups and SMBs who often struggle to meet the growing demands of their enterprise customers, insurance providers, and compliance standards.

By focusing on this underserved market, Bleach Cyber is not only filling a gap but also addressing a critical pain point for many businesses.

The Techstars Boost

Being part of Techstars offers a significant leg up for any startup. The accelerator program opens doors to additional capital, a broader customer base, and access to industry leaders and advisors. With an enviable track record, Techstars’ portfolio includes billion-dollar companies like SendGrid, DigitalOcean, and Chainanalysis.

Amos Schwartzfarb, Managing Director of Techstars Austin, highlighted Bleach Cyber’s potential: “Building a ‘company’ is very different than building a ‘startup’. Bleach Cyber embodies what I look for when inviting and investing in new companies at Techstars Austin. This founding team addresses a huge market opportunity that is very underserved right now.”

A Revolutionary Approach to Cybersecurity

What sets Bleach Cyber apart is its innovative use of existing technology to offer a streamlined, cost-effective cybersecurity solution for SMBs. Their API integrations across various platforms allow businesses to remediate security vulnerabilities directly.

Bill Tyndall, Co-founder of Tynrose and formally of, endorsed Bleach Cyber’s approach: “Bleach is revolutionizing the way cybersecurity is done for small businesses and startups. It’s a very real pain point for these companies and Bleach has pioneered a new and unique way to solve cybersecurity issues. This Techstars partnership will increase Bleach’s reach and growth exponentially.”

Looking Ahead: The Upcoming Demo Day

The upcoming Demo Day for the Techstars Austin 2023 class is scheduled for November 1, 2023. It’s a day to mark on your calendar if you are interested in innovative startups and cybersecurity. It will provide Bleach Cyber an opportunity to showcase its capabilities and the solutions it brings to the cybersecurity landscape.

Final Thoughts

Bleach Cyber is a startup with a vision that transcends mere technological capability; it aims to make cybersecurity accessible and manageable for small businesses in an increasingly complex digital environment. The startup’s inclusion in Techstars Austin’s prestigious 2023 Summer Cohort speaks volumes about its potential to redefine cybersecurity norms for SMBs. With a demo day looming and an ever-expanding market need, Bleach Cyber is poised to make significant waves in the industry.

For more details, visit Bleach Cyber’s official website and stay tuned for their presentation on the upcoming Techstars Austin Demo Day.

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