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Texas Original: Survey says Texas GOP Voters Support Medical Cannabis Treatment for Chronic Pain

Public opinion on medical cannabis is changing in the Lone Star State. 64% of Republican primary voters in Texas favor legalizing medical marijuana prescribed by a physician for serious medical conditions, according to a recently conducted Baselice & Associates, Inc survey.

The survey also found that 72% of Republican primary voters in Texas favored allowing physicians to prescribe medical marijuana as an alternative to opioids for treating chronic pain patients.

Baselice & Associates, Inc. Texas GOP Voter Survey

Michael Baselice of Baselice & Associates, Inc says, “These survey results show that large majorities of Texas Republicans favor the use of medical marijuana for serious medical conditions, including for the treatment of patients with chronic pain.”

75% of the nearly 92,000 drug overdose deaths in the United States in 2020 involved an opioid, according to the Center for Disease Control. In Texas, the Texas Medical Association reported an 18% increase in drug overdoses from 2020 to 2021.

“I was prescribed six pharmaceutical drugs, including opioids, following my cancer treatment. By accessing medical cannabis, I didn’t have to use any of them,” said Dorothy Paredes, a three-time cancer survivor and Austin resident. “Medical cannabis drastically reduced my post-treatment symptoms and aided my healing process—including helping me manage loss of appetite, pain and nausea. I want every Texan experiencing these symptoms to have access to safe, legitimate alternatives to opioids.”

Currently, the Texas Compassionate Use Program (CUP) does not include chronic pain in its list of eligible conditions. Instead, physicians typically use over-the-counter pain relievers and opiates to treat pain. Eligible CUP patients include Texans diagnosed with cancer, PTSD, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, spasticity, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, autism, and incurable neurodegenerative disorders.

Texas Original, one of Texas’ three licensed medical cannabis providers, contributed to the survey questions. To learn more about the Compassionate Use Program, click here. To learn whether you or a loved one qualifies for medical cannabis, click here.

About Texas Original:

Texas Original is the leading licensed medical cannabis producer in Texas, working alongside physicians to provide the highest quality cannabis medicine to patients and families seeking relief across the state. As fellow Texans, we are dedicated to representing the integrity of this great state with our commitment to quality, consistency and purity in every product we produce. We remain committed to advancing safe, legal access to this powerful medicine. Texas Original is headquartered in Austin, with delivery throughout the entire state. For more information, visit

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