A Securitized Digital Offer You Can’t Refuse?

New Asset Class Offers Refuge From Inflation, Crypto Collapse

In a first of its kind, blockchain startup CrowdPoint Technologies has announced a hybrid financial instrument that is SEC-listed, will be securitized with silver streaming agreements, and is designed to provide a hedge against inflation in today’s economy.

The Reg CF Offering is available at, and is capped at $5 million, with a $1,000 minimum, and a maximum investment of $10,000, for both accredited and nonaccredited investors. A total of 500 million out of a maximum of 100 billion units are on the table currently.

“It’s not crypto; it’s crwdunits,” said Sean Brehm, Co-Founder and CEO of CrowdPoint. “For the Web3 market, we’re offering a mature asset versus something based on popularity, speculation, or just scarcity. Articulating the deflationary value has been critical for us as retail investors are looking for alternate asset classes right now.”

The crwdunits are essentially building blocks of the marketplace and broader ecosystem that CrowdPoint and its partners are building. At the foundation is the company’s hyperscale Vogon blockchain, built from scratch to support lightning-fast transactions, while capturing and leveraging all resulting metadata. That data will be used to train algorithms, develop market indices, and optimize commercialization at-scale.

“We’re the first layer zero utility token to file with the SEC,” notes CrowdPoint President and COO, Nadab Akhtar. “We built our own distributed and decentralized cloud that has a blockchain ledger, so we’re pioneering blockchain 2.0.”

Transactional data will be married to alternative data, as members of the marketplace choose to repatriate troves of data that CrowdPoint has secured through an array of partnerships. The idea is that members of crwdworld can truly *own* their data, then choose when and how to share it with ecosystem partners. As they share, they can get rewarded with additional crwdunits. As more transactions occur in the ecosystem, the value of those units should rise.

The first phase of the marketplace is already in production with over 1,000 healthcare industry buyers and sellers transacting business. This current Reg CF offering will help expand the marketplace, which embraces the Global Industrial Classification System. By baking GICS into the Vogon architecture, CrowdPoint will be able to create and share highly detailed marketplace statistics that will be used to offer prescriptive analytics to members and partners.

Speaking to the nature of this offering, Akhtar said: “We’ve eliminated counterparty risk on the data side, but also on the settlement side. That ties into the title of our white paper: Open, Honest, Stable Markets. It’s open because it’s a public blockchain. It’s honest, because there are immutable rules that govern the commercial markets and capital markets we build. And it’s stable because you have a risk mitigated position, with the derivative instrument and crwdunits.”

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