Austin’s Healthcare Vanguard: Pioneers in Wellness and Innovation

Discover 15 groundbreaking healthcare startups changing the face of medical care in Austin, Texas.


Harnessing the power of data science, ClosedLoop is at the forefront of utilizing AI to enhance healthcare outcomes and curtail expenditures.

Sana Benefits

Addressing the needs of SMEs, Sana Benefits offers bespoke health insurance plans ensuring optimal coverage.


Navigating the realm of nutritional wellness, Nutrabolt offers a diverse array of dietary health supplements.

Pattern Bioscience

Waging a war against antibiotic resistance, Pattern Bioscience pioneers in vitro diagnostics to safeguard global health.

Elligo Health Research

Revolutionizing clinical studies, Elligo Health Research partners with physician practices to expedite medical devices and therapy development.


With a vision of a healthier tomorrow, Curative offers health insurance alongside timely COVID-19 testing and vaccination services.


Embracing the digital age, imaware offers home-based health tests, providing convenient and timely health insights.

Frontrow Health

Redefining healthcare convenience, Frontrow Health seamlessly connects consumers to trusted medical professionals and curated health products.

The Helper Bees

Championing senior care, The Helper Bees aids elders in finding the perfect solutions for comfortable aging.


Bridging patients and doctors, Medici offers an integrated platform for efficient text, video, and voice interactions.

Babson Diagnostics

Innovating diagnostic methods, Babson Diagnostics aims to bring advanced blood testing to everyday retail pharmacies.

Happy Health

As a mission-driven tech entity, Happy Health is at the nexus of technology and optimal health outcomes.


Supporting medical professionals, ClearCam offers state-of-the-art tools that elevate precision and vision in surgeries.


Redefining healthcare memberships, membersy bridges patients with affordable care while offering invaluable support to healthcare providers.


Emphasizing care immediacy, Remedy offers urgent and primary care services with a touch of innovation.

From data-driven solutions and on-demand services to the fight against antibiotic resistance, Austin’s healthcare scene is alive with startups that not only embrace innovation but also prioritize patient care. These companies represent a dynamic shift in healthcare, promising a brighter and healthier future for all.

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