Breaking Barriers and Building Dreams: LaToya Hurley Spearheads “Power of Vision” Event for Women Entrepreneurs

An Eventful Leap Towards Closing the Gender Gap in Funding and Resources for Women Founders

Key Takeaways:

  • Black Women Founder LaToya Hurley launches the second “Power of Vision” event aimed at women entrepreneurs.
  • The event promises to provide educational resources and a pitch competition for women looking for funding opportunities.
  • Scheduled for August 26th at the luxurious Brava High Rise in Houston, the event aims to address the gender-based disparities in entrepreneurship.
  • Collaborations from Innovating Marketing Group, Gala Bethany Studio, Calberts Tax Service & Well-Run Retail will make the pitch competition a unique opportunity for women founders.

About Innovating Marketing and Management (IMM)

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LaToya Hurley: A Woman with a Mission

As a Black Women Founder, LaToya Hurley has firsthand experience of the unique challenges women entrepreneurs face, particularly when it comes to securing resources and recognition. She is the founder of Innovating Marketing Group and has been a vocal advocate for women entrepreneurs. She eloquently states her commitment by saying, “I believe that by offering funding opportunities and educational resources to women founders, we can reveal their incredible potential and drive positive change in our business community. It’s about empowering women to embrace their aspirations and turn them into reality.”

The Genesis of the “Power of Vision” Event

In a bold initiative to address the ongoing disparities that women entrepreneurs face, LaToya is launching the second “Power of Vision” event. This monumental occasion provides an unparalleled opportunity for women founders to learn, grow, and secure funding. The event promises to be an informative one, covering critical aspects like business planning, venture capital, and network building, among others.

Elevating Women’s Voices: The Pitch Competition

One of the highlights of the event is the upcoming pitch competition. Women founders will have the opportunity to present their business ideas before an esteemed panel of judges. The competition is organized in collaboration with Innovating Marketing Group, Gala Bethany Studio, Calberts Tax Service, and Well-Run Retail. The aim is to offer a platform that enables women to showcase their ventures and secure the much-needed funding to take their businesses to new heights. Applications for this game-changing pitch competition are now open, making it a must-attend event for any aspiring women founder.

The Gender Funding Gap: A Stumbling Block to Innovation

Statistics illustrate that women-led startups receive a mere 2.3% of total venture capital funding. This represents not only an ethical concern but also an innovation bottleneck for society. LaToya remarks, “Having faced numerous challenges myself, I understand the unique struggles that women entrepreneurs face in securing resources and recognition.” Addressing this funding gap is critical for fostering innovation and driving economic growth. The “Power of Vision” event aims to be a stepping stone in closing this gender gap by offering targeted funding and educational opportunities for women.

Why Attend? Turn Aspirations into Achievements

LaToya Hurley’s vision is not merely to host an event but to spark a movement that changes the landscape of entrepreneurship for women. By providing them with the resources they need, the event aspires to set women on a path to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. “It’s about empowering women to embrace their aspirations and turn them into reality,” says LaToya, capturing the essence of the initiative.

The Road Ahead: Building a More Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

As society advances, it becomes increasingly essential to build a more equitable and inclusive business community. The “Power of Vision” event is one of those milestones that promise to take us closer to that ideal. It serves as a potent reminder that when women succeed, we all succeed.

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