Building the Future: Austin’s Innovative Construction Startups

From digital platforms to state-of-the-art design, these 15 construction companies are redefining Austin’s skyline and beyond.

1. Boom & Bucket

With a vision of building the modern marketplace for all things heavy equipment, Boom & Bucket is becoming an integral backbone for the construction industry in Austin.

2. AI Clearing

Embracing the digital era, AI Clearing offers comprehensive field construction progress tracking, reducing rework costs and mitigating litigation risks.

3. Opifex

Being a one-stop solution for equipment rental and job site supplies, Opifex ensures construction projects have all they need to succeed.

4. Kasita

Kasita, a pioneer in the hospitality platform, boasts consistent product, service, and brand, reshaping the way we think of living spaces.

5. CountertopSmart

An ingenious online marketplace, CountertopSmart offers “partial slabs” or “countertop remnants”, revolutionizing the countertop industry.

6. Ruckit Inc.

Helping to streamline operations, Ruckit enables Construction Materials Suppliers & Civil Construction Companies to optimize bulk material and trucking operations.

7. Sparrow Partners

Sparrow Partners is a multifaceted powerhouse in the construction world, offering property management, development, and construction services for the multifamily industry.

8. Astreia

With an eye on the future (and another planet), Astreia is building intelligent homes for Earth and even Mars.


Reinventing property damage restoration, CORE presents a unique and effective approach to restoring and renovating properties.

10. Field Sim

Field Sim offers a web-based platform with training and digital tools designed for skilled trade technicians, emphasizing safety and efficiency.

11. Tumlinson Electric

From commercial and industrial to medical and educational projects, Tumlinson Electric’s management expertise illuminates Austin’s construction landscape.

12. MyHouseby

A sales platform for builders, MyHouseby brings construction marketplace services to the fingertips of Austin’s building community.

13. Work4Workers, Inc

Connecting contractors with skilled labor, Work4Workers offers smartphone apps that ensure efficient, safe, and fair labor arrangements.

14. Skillicorn Technologies

Skillicorn Technologies introduces the world’s first Nature Based Solution that profitably treats wastewater, leading the way in sustainable construction solutions.

15. The Bindel

Perfect for the modern nomad, The Bindel provides furnished, remote-ready apartments with flexible lease terms, reimagining the traditional leasing model.

With such groundbreaking startups calling Austin home, the city’s construction industry is not only booming but also evolving in incredible ways. These companies, through their innovative solutions and services, are ensuring that Austin remains at the forefront of the construction sector in the US.

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