Embracing the Future of Corporate Travel: Gant Travel and Amadeus Elevate Their Partnership

Integrating Cytric Easy by Amadeus, Gant Travel Streamlines the Travel Management Experience

Key Takeaways:

  • Gant Travel amplifies its partnership with renowned travel tech titan, Amadeus.
  • Cytric Easy’s integration with Microsoft Teams offers a one-stop travel planning solution for Gant’s corporate customers.
  • This innovative move follows the strategic alliance between Cytric by Amadeus and Emburse, which Gant Travel is the first to implement.
  • Gant’s association with Amadeus is projected to boost its booking volume even further.

About Gant Travel

Gant Travel, a leading travel management company based in Indiana, has always been at the forefront of technological advancement in the travel industry. Their initial partnership with global tech leader, Amadeus, in 2020 showcased their dedication to providing cutting-edge services to their clients. This commitment has only been amplified with their latest collaboration, integrating Cytric Easy by Amadeus into their offerings.

Seamless Booking Experience

Travel Planning and Booking Made Simpler

For corporate travelers who rely heavily on Microsoft Teams for communication, the Cytric Easy integration offers unparalleled convenience. Users can now seamlessly search, compare, and book flights, hotels, and car rentals without the need to switch platforms. As Patrick Linnihan, Chief Executive of Gant Travel, mentioned, “We are excited to be able to offer Cytric by Amadeus to our customers, allowing us to provide an advanced future proof technological solution.” The benefit extends to fostering team collaborations, as travelers can easily share their trip details, promoting transparency and coordination.

Comprehensive Content and Wide-Range Access

Taking Travel Options to the Next Level

The integration of Cytric Easy ensures that Gant Travel’s clients get a comprehensive view of available options. They will gain instant access to an extensive range of fares, regardless of their sourcing method, whether it’s through NDC or EDIFACT. Gant Travel prides itself on offering clients this expansive, seamless access, highlighting their commitment to superior service and convenience.

End-to-End Solution for Corporate Travelers

From Booking to Expense Reporting and Beyond

Gant Travel’s move to integrate Cytric by Amadeus doesn’t stop at booking. With the strategic alliance between Cytric by Amadeus and Emburse, corporate travelers are guaranteed a smooth experience throughout their journey. This partnership streamlines everything – from trip planning and booking to expense reporting, reimbursement, and in-depth spend analytics. By ensuring continuity and integration at every step, Gant Travel is poised to redefine the corporate travel experience.

About Amadeus

A beacon in the travel and tourism industry, Amadeus has been consistently shaping a brighter, more connected future for travelers. Their core mission is to enhance the travel experience for everyone, everywhere. With a platform that encourages open collaboration, they connect a vast network of startups, industry giants, and governments, collectively sculpting tomorrow’s travel landscape. Their commitment extends beyond business, aiming to make travel an instrument of positive change socially and environmentally. Recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for over a decade, Amadeus’s team, comprising 150 nationalities, embodies passion and dedication to both travel and technology.

As the corporate travel landscape continuously evolves, the collaborative force of Gant Travel and Amadeus stands as a testament to how innovation and partnerships can redefine experiences and set new industry standards. With their combined vision and commitment, the future of corporate travel looks brighter than ever.

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