Financial Frontiers: San Antonio’s Pioneers in Fintech

Discovering the Innovative Financial Service Startups Shaping the Future in the Alamo City

1. FloatMe
Breaking Through with Financial Safety Nets
FloatMe offers an innovative fintech app, delivering quick financial boosts named “floats” and a plethora of Personal Financial Management tools. Since its inception, it’s claimed savings of $100M in fees for Americans.

2. Active Capital
Fueling Dreams of B2B & SaaS Ventures
This venture firm is geared towards powering B2B and SaaS companies, being a beacon for startups needing that initial push.

3. Scaleworks
Investing in the Future of SaaS
Scaleworks stands out by not just investing in SaaS companies but also actively operating them, ensuring hands-on guidance and growth.

4. Flightpath Finance
Founder-to-Founder Financial Consultancy
Crafted by tech founders for fellow founders, Flightpath Finance offers tailored financial consulting services, ensuring empathetic and expert advice.

5. tuuk
Integrative Financial Services for the Digital Age
tuuk stands as a platform-as-a-service, enabling financial firms to captivate customers right from their favored apps and websites.

6. AmeriVet Veterinary Partners
Fostering Growth in Veterinary Practices
This unique financial service brings together veterinary practices, ensuring mutual growth and heightened profitability.

7. Verity Global Solutions
Revolutionizing Business Processes for Financial Institutions
Verity Global Solutions stands as a beacon in business process outsourcing, crafted specifically for the needs of financial institutions.

8. Swivel
Global Financial Solutions from Homegrown Roots
Originating from SWBC, Swivel is now a name to reckon with in the global financial services arena.

9. NoRecibo
Streamlining Expense and Budget Management
NoRecibo comes to the rescue of those drowning in receipts, simplifying expensing and budgeting tasks.

10. BankMD
Banking Solutions Tailored for Physicians
Catering exclusively to physicians, BankMD offers specialized banking and financing solutions.

11. My Education Solutions
Easing the Student Loan Burden
My Education Solutions is a haven for those grappling with student loans, offering loan forgiveness, parent plus loans, and more.

12. Marcado Asset
Holistic Retirement Plan Consultation
Marcado Asset streamlines retirement planning, offering a gamut of financial industry services.

13. MintFish Premium Finance, LLC
Redefining Insurance Financing
MintFish challenges the status quo in insurance financing by focusing on one industry at a time, ensuring unparalleled service and ROI.

14. Best Invest
Crafting Wealth, One Plan at a Time
Best Invest, as the name suggests, excels in offering financial planning, wealth management, and more to its clients.

15. Tijerina Galvan Lawrence
Empowering Ventures with Strategic Financial Services
Tijerina Galvan Lawrence, with its myriad services like capital planning and transaction services, stands as a pillar of support for various businesses.

In the rapidly evolving world of financial services, San Antonio emerges as a hotbed for innovation. These 15 companies illuminate the city’s potential and promise in shaping the financial future.

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