Fort Worth’s Healthcare Frontier: 15 Startups Pioneering Better Health Solutions

Discover the innovative health care startups that are shaping the future of medicine and patient care in Fort Worth, Texas.

1. TimelyMD: Bringing Virtual Healthcare to Higher Education

Founded on the belief that healthcare should be accessible anytime and anywhere, TimelyMD stands as the forerunner in providing virtual health and well-being solutions specially curated for the higher education community.

2. FYR Medical: Illuminating Healthcare with Electro-Optical Tech

Exploring the vast potential of light field electro-optical technology, FYR Medical paves a new way in the health care industry, striving to revolutionize treatments and diagnostics.

3. Neuro Rehab VR: A Virtual Leap in Physical and Cognitive Therapy

Tapping into the principles of neuroplasticity, Neuro Rehab VR crafts VR/AR therapy exercises that not only engage patients but also accelerate recovery.

4. Nacuity Pharmaceuticals: A Ray of Hope for Retinal Disorders

Aiming to create transformative solutions, Nacuity Pharmaceuticals is on the verge of a breakthrough treatment specifically for retinitis pigmentosa, providing hope for those with the disorder.

5. Cx Precision Medicine: Streamlining Drug Approval Paths

Through its unique diagnostic screening services, Cx Precision Medicine facilitates swifter pathways for drug approvals during clinical trials.

6. JET HEALTH: Holistic Care Beyond Hospital Walls

JET HEALTH emerges as a comprehensive healthcare provider, offering an array of services from skilled nursing to therapy sessions, ensuring patients continue receiving the best care outside the hospital.

7. DPC Healthcare: Reinventing Primary Care

Breaking the shackles of insurance-based primary care, DPC Healthcare offers an innovative and patient-centered approach to medical services.

8. Enso Apothecary: Rooted in Fort Worth’s Historic Southside

A beacon of holistic health and wellness, Enso Apothecary prides itself on being family-owned and nestled in Fort Worth’s historic Southside.

9. Celestia Diagnostics: Pioneering Chronic Condition Diagnostics

Celestia Diagnostics stands out by focusing on infection-associated chronic conditions, aiming to improve diagnosis and subsequent treatment plans.

10. Focused Post Acute Care Partners: Dedicated Elderly Care

With patient care at the forefront, Focused Post Acute Care Partners ensures elderly residents receive optimal nursing services, fostering a sense of home and community.

11. Five Point Dental Specialists: A Comprehensive Dental Solution

Combining orthodontics, oral surgery, and pediatric dentistry, Five Point Dental Specialists provides a holistic approach to dental health and aesthetics.

12. EHR Data: Patient-Centered Health Data on Blockchain

Utilizing the Bitcoin SV platform, EHR Data enables patients to securely share their health data, fostering a collaborative approach between patients and healthcare providers.

13. Fort Behavioral Health: A Sanctuary for Recovery

Situated in Fort Worth, Fort Behavioral Health is dedicated to providing intensive treatment and support for individuals battling addiction and related behavioral challenges.

14. Sadiant Health: Simplifying Healthcare Staffing

Sadiant Health is at the forefront of healthcare staffing, offering a revolutionary application designed to streamline the hiring process for healthcare workers.

15. BettrAi: Cloud-based Solutions for Better Healthcare

Catering to both healthcare providers and patients, BettrAi delivers cloud-based solutions aiming to enhance medical services, treatments, and patient experiences.

Fort Worth’s vibrant healthcare startup ecosystem is a testament to the city’s commitment to innovation and the betterment of human health. These 15 startups are just the tip of the iceberg, showcasing the breadth and depth of medical advancements coming out of the Texan city.

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