Global Blockchain Service Leader Gigster Presents Speaker Panel to Share Awareness and Insights on Democratizing Access to Web3 Education

On November 17th, the leading blockchain service integrator, Gigster, will host a live stream to speak with industry professionals on how to improve education in the Web3 and blockchain space. The event is part of an ongoing virtual series in which Gigster collects industry experts to discuss new innovations and provide education to the Web3 community.

Gigster helps companies develop blockchain and Web3 applications at startup speed by building dynamic, remote teams assembled from Gigster’s pool of top global talent. The Gigster Partner Network brings together technology providers, blockchain services, and Web3 agencies to integrate the tools and expertise organizations need to capitalize on Web3.

The Web3 Education live stream will include a full day of sessions from experts in education and blockchain:

  • Cory Hymel, Gigster’s Director of Blockchain
  • Desmond Efe-khaese, Educator and promoter, CoinsCreed
  • Audrey Whitlock, Educator in the blockchain space, ReTrain
  • Bradley Ackroyd, Product Strategist, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Thomas Gonzalez, CEO of Moralis Academy
  • Mat Patenaude, Government of Alberta

“The Web3 space is so new and is growing so quickly it can be difficult for new people coming to the space to get proper education on the technical side of blockchain,” said Gigster’s Director of Blockchain, Cory Hymel. “When we talk about democratizing access and opportunities in Web3, it really needs to start with education.”

The online Web3 university, Moralis Academy, joined the Gigster Partner Network earlier this year as an important step in providing greater access to blockchain education and training opportunities for engineers in the Web3 space. The upcoming live stream is another step towards highlighting opportunities for blockchain engineers and newcomers to gain access to further education.

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