Revolutionizing Vehicle Security: Introducing Canopy Pickup Cam

Changing the Landscape of Truck Security with Smart, Connected Surveillance

Key Takeaways:

  1. Canopy, a joint venture by ADT and Ford, has introduced its first product, the Canopy Pickup Cam, an aftermarket, app-driven video security device for trucks.
  2. Canopy Pickup Cam offers real-time truck bed monitoring, giving vehicle owners peace of mind with its smart surveillance capabilities.
  3. Canopy’s device retails for $299, with a monthly subscription of $14.99, offering professional security monitoring and video storage.
  4. A 50% discount on the device’s MSRP is available for the first 1,500 devices ordered.
  5. The Canopy Pickup Cam is easy to install and compatible with any truck model.

About Canopy

Born out of a partnership between industry giants ADT and Ford in 2022, Canopy has embarked on a mission to halt vehicle theft and revolutionize security through state-of-the-art technology. With offices in the U.S. and UK, the Detroit-designed Pickup Cam is set to be available for the highest-volume commercial and retail pickups in the U.S., serving as a formidable tool to protect valuable work and recreational equipment. By 2024, Canopy plans to extend its innovative reach with the launch of an AI-powered security system for vans in both the U.S. and UK markets.

Addressing a Pressing Concern

Every day, truck owners rely on their vehicles to transport the tools and equipment that underpin their livelihoods. Despite their critical role, these vehicles often lack the necessary security features to protect these valuable assets. “These vehicles are designed to transport their livelihood, yet, they offer little protection. Traditional security measures, such as lockboxes, cables, and covers add unnecessary time and effort to the work day,” commented Canopy’s CEO, Christian Moran. He further stated, “The harsh reality is most people who use these products don’t find out about a theft until it’s too late. At Canopy, we saw these problems as an opportunity to redefine vehicle security. We combined the benefits found in smart home technology with our automotive and AI expertise to deliver a great connected experience for vehicle owners.”

Canopy Pickup Cam: Intelligent, Connected Security

The Canopy Pickup Cam offers customers a comprehensive view of their truck bed, thanks to its 180° wide field of view and HD capture. The camera features a dynamic LED bar that acts as an initial deterrent, signaling that the vehicle is under intelligent surveillance. The Pickup Cam is connected to a Canopy Hub, providing cellular connectivity and a dedicated power supply for continuous monitoring. The complete system is designed for user-friendly self-installation in about 15 minutes.

Beyond Surveillance: A Comprehensive Security Solution

The Canopy Security app complements the Pickup Cam, offering live video viewing and access to past recorded events. The app sends a push notification to the user whenever suspicious activity is detected. For additional peace of mind, recorded footage is securely stored on the cloud. Plus, the app’s on-demand Emergency help feature connects users directly with an ADT professional monitoring agent in case of emergencies.

Pricing and Availability

Retailing at $299 with a $14.99 per month subscription, Canopy Pickup Cam promises to provide protection for your vehicle anywhere, anytime. The subscription enables several connected benefits including 4G LTE connectivity, secure cloud storage for your data, real-time alerts, ADT emergency help, and access to future software updates and new feature rollouts. Pre-order for the device will end and open to the general public in early Fall 2023. As an exclusive offer, Canopy is providing a 50% discount off the MSRP for the first 1,500 devices.

As Canopy continues to redefine vehicle security, truck owners can now look forward to a future where they can rest easy, knowing their valuable tools and equipment are safe and secure.

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