San Antonio’s IT Mavericks: Unveiling the Pioneering Tech Startups Shaping the Future

A Glimpse into the Innovative Information Technology Ventures that are Transforming San Antonio’s Tech Landscape


San Antonio, Texas, known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is rapidly emerging as a hotspot for innovation, particularly in the Information Technology sector. In this feature, we delve into the dynamic world of San Antonio’s IT startups, showcasing 15 groundbreaking companies that are revolutionizing the tech scene. From AI-driven tools to cutting-edge communication platforms, these startups are harnessing the power of technology to drive change, enhance connectivity, and redefine business operations.

Territorium: Bridging Education and Work

Territorium’s workforce connectivity ecosystem aids learners in seamlessly transitioning from education to work. Explore how Territorium is shaping the path to professional success at Territorium

Irys: AI-Driven Urban Insights

Irys employs AI to provide real-time visibility and data analytics for urban stakeholders, transforming cities into smarter and more efficient spaces. Discover Irys’ AI-driven insights at Irys

Modern Managed IT: Simplifying Business IT

Modern Managed IT redefines small business IT by offering a painless approach to hiring, making technology work seamlessly. Uncover Modern Managed IT’s innovative IT solutions at Modern Managed IT

Audazzio: Enhancing Fan Engagement

Audazzio’s communication platform revolutionizes fan engagement for sports teams and broadcasters, offering in-venue and at-home experiences. Learn how Audazzio enhances fan interaction at Audazzio

UBEO: Transforming Document Management

UBEO is reshaping document management by providing cutting-edge equipment and related services to streamline businesses. Discover UBEO’s document management solutions at UBEO

Claimatic: Automating Insurance Claims

Claimatic’s SaaS insurance claims application automates claims distribution through real-time, dynamic data, simplifying the claims process. Explore Claimatic’s automation prowess at Claimatic

PhoneIQ: Cloud-Based Contact Center

PhoneIQ offers a next-generation cloud-based contact center, phone system, and unified communications platform tailored for Salesforce users. Discover PhoneIQ’s cloud solutions at PhoneIQ

M20 Associates: Cybersecurity and IT Support

M20 Associates provides cybersecurity, IT, and intelligence support services to organizations, ensuring robust protection. Learn about M20 Associates’ cybersecurity solutions at M20 Associates

Insane Forensics: Battling Cyber Threats

Insane Forensics accelerates organizations’ response capabilities against cyber threats with innovative detection strategies. Dive into Insane Forensics’ cybersecurity expertise at Insane Forensics

VeloX Data Co.: B2B Data Analytics

VeloX Data Co. offers B2B data analytics and integration solutions for dental software, marketing, and consulting companies. Explore VeloX Data Co.’s data-driven services at VeloX Data Co.

Comunify Solutions: Elevating Property Management

Comunify Solutions enhances property management by boosting property NOI, improving management efficiency, and enhancing tenant experiences. Discover Comunify Solutions’ property management innovations at Comunify Solutions

Prescriptive Data Solutions: IT Consulting Powerhouse

Prescriptive Data Solutions offers IT consulting, integration, and managed services, empowering enterprises with cutting-edge technology solutions. Learn about Prescriptive Data Solutions’ IT prowess at Prescriptive Data Solutions

IntelHawkPI: Intelligence Solutions

IntelHawkPI is a licensed private investigation firm that provides clients with accurate, high-quality intelligence solutions. Uncover IntelHawkPI’s investigative capabilities

TechHuman: Empowering with IT Services

TechHuman provides software development and IT security services, equipping businesses with advanced tech solutions. Explore TechHuman’s tech-driven offerings at TechHuman

Hoyack Agency: Transforming Businesses

Hoyack Agency optimizes businesses through services such as cyber security, application development, and consulting. Learn how Hoyack Agency enhances business operations at Hoyack Agency


San Antonio’s Information Technology startups are redefining the city’s tech narrative, driving innovation, and reshaping industries. With cutting-edge solutions ranging from AI-driven insights to streamlined business operations, these startups are proving that the future is now. As San Antonio continues to thrive as a tech hub, these 15 pioneers are at the forefront of change, transforming the city into a beacon of tech innovation.

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