Securing the Future: Austin’s Top 15 Innovative Security Companies

Exploring the Frontiers of Security Innovation in the Heart of Texas

Ghost Security

Website: Ghost Security
Description: Leading the charge in application security, Ghost Security stands out in the modern enterprise landscape with its cutting-edge solutions tailored for today’s dynamic security needs.


Website: ReturnSafe
Description: Revolutionizing the management of infectious diseases, ReturnSafe offers an end-to-end platform designed to safeguard public health in various environments.

DryRun Security

Description: Operating under the radar, DryRun Security is a stealth mode company that is anticipated to make significant waves in the security industry upon its unveiling.

The Whisper Company

Website: The Whisper Company
Description: Specializing in privacy and secure communication, The Whisper Company develops innovative products and services, enhancing communication security.


Website: Brink
Description: Focused on Bitcoin Core coding and second layer protocol security, Brink offers specialized security services in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency space.

Trustgrid, Inc.

Website: Trustgrid, Inc.
Description: Trustgrid is reshaping cloud and on-premise application deployment with its software-defined networking and edge computing solutions, ensuring secure and efficient application extension.

Description: Revolutionizing identity management,’s SaaS platform eliminates passwords, significantly enhancing both security and user experience.

Special Circumstances, LLC

Website: Special Circumstances, LLC
Description: Offering a blend of advisory services, bespoke software development, and penetration testing, Special Circumstances is a one-stop shop for robust cybersecurity solutions.


Website: FirmGuardian
Description: As a dedicated cybersecurity company, FirmGuardian offers comprehensive services to protect businesses from digital threats.

Capcon Networks

Website: Capcon Networks
Description: Specializing in managed connectivity and SD security, Capcon Networks provides critical services like SD-WAN, SASE, and proactive monitoring for modern businesses.


Website: VuTeur
Description: With its innovative real-time location technology, VuTeur enhances the safety and security of corporations and campuses across the globe.

Safer Technologies

Website: Safer Technologies
Description: Licensing mobile security solutions, Safer Technologies brings an added layer of safety, offering tracking and emergency response services.

Ramsons Innovations

Website: Ramsons Innovations
Description: An IT solutions powerhouse, Ramsons Innovations provides a range of services focused on security and technology development.


Website: BraveWatch
Description: BraveWatch stands as a consultant and integrator in surveillance and security services, providing top-tier solutions for various security needs.


Website: GateCode
Description: GateCode is redefining physical access control through its innovative social network platform, merging security with social connectivity.

Each of these Austin-based companies is making significant contributions to the field of security, leveraging technology to create safer environments and innovative solutions. From advanced cybersecurity to physical safety, these firms are key players in securing our future.

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