Smart Charge America and Xeal Energy Partner for New EV Charging Station

Austin, Texas-based Smart Charge America (SCA) has entered a partnership with Xeal Energy, which manufactures electric car chargers for commercial properties such as apartments, condos and workplaces. 

The reCharge40, the first such collaboration between SCA and Xeal, is unique in that it requires no internet connectivity or ongoing networking fees to operate, while still providing advanced functionality of networked chargers, like payment processing and access control.

According to SCA founder and CEO Joseph Barletta, “Networked chargers are known for becoming inoperable when the network isn’t functioning, leading to significant downtime. Our new electric car charger is 100% fully capable of all the smart charging functionality that networked car chargers are capable of. It just does it even smarter, with no ongoing fees, thus driving down the total cost of ownership including ongoing service and maintenance. This allows SCA to keep an uptime of more than 97% on all of our EV charging stations inside our network. With SCA’s industry focus and installation prowess, coupled with Xeal’s proven software technology and UI, we now have the missing ingredients to really start imposing our mission on the marketplace.”

The reCharge40 is primarily marketed to commercial businesses looking to provide EV charging for their customers, employees, tenants and fleet. Barletta said, “This innovation is huge in the world of EV charging station costs. Ongoing fees like cellular networking fees and maintenance costs, over the life of a car charger, drastically cut into ROI. As Smart Charge America continues to drive down the cost of the charger, installation and service, we are making the adoption of EV charging infrastructure easier and more affordable to be able to put as many car chargers in the ground as possible.” By 2025, Smart Charge America anticipates installing more than 40,000 charging ports per year across the top 50 EV-friendly cities in America.

The reCharge40, available for order now, will be sold exclusively through Smart Charge America, the only company that sells and installs its own EV charging stations for its customers. With a price that already beats the top competitors, an industry leading five-year warranty on parts and labor is also included.

Information on the Smart Charge America EV Charger is available at

About Smart Charge America

Smart Charge America, which currently services 20 cities, has a goal of servicing the top 50 EV-friendly U.S. cities by 2025.  Founded in 2007 by Louisiana native Joseph Barletta, Smart Charge America is committed to providing the infrastructure for sustainable electric mobility, one charging station at a time. As the largest dedicated U.S. seller, installer and servicer of electric vehicle chargers, Smart Charge America is leveraging its resources to innovate within its industry, drive down costs and quickly make affordable EV charging products accessible to residential, commercial and utility/municipal markets.

Smart Charge America encourages the widespread adoption of the electric vehicle lifestyle by building trust relationships with existing and future customers through educating about EV charging and by providing superior customer service to those who invest in EV charging stations.

Smart Charge America has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for each electric car charger installed. To date, SCA  has planted more than 5,000 trees. 

About Xeal Energy 

Xeal is a hyper-growth, venture-backed technology startup headquartered in New York City. Xeal offers multifamily and commercial real estate owners and operators the ability to seamlessly install smart EV charging in their communities with little to no infrastructure upgrades. Clients manage these smart EV charging stations remotely through Xeal’s dashboard, providing real-time data on charging sessions, energy management, utilization, and revenue share. Xeal’s driver app employs a token-based technology for EV drivers to gain reliable access to charging stations without relying on cellular or garage IT infrastructure. Through Apollo, a groundbreaking decentralized communication protocol, building owners can remotely control and monitor smart charging stations through a bi-directional management channel between user smartphones and EV chargers to establish a more secure, reliable, and cost-effective way to stay connected. Xeal delivers an entirely self-sufficient smart charging experience for drivers, enabling 100% uptime, 50x faster processing speed, and a frictionless user experience. Experience Xeal’s recent deployments here or visit for more information. 

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