The BlackPearl Group of Companies Partners with The MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI) to Bridge Product-to-Market Gap

The BlackPearl group of companies, a world-class designer and manufacturer of innovative electronic products, is proud to announce a partnership with the MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI), based in Bromont, Québec, Canada, in alignment with the new initiative discussed by President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau amid Biden’s visit to Canada last month. This partnership aims to strengthen the resilience of the critical North American semiconductor supply chain.

C2MI’s founding partners IBM Canada Ltd, Teledyne MEMS along with Université de Sherbrooke are welcoming BlackPearl as a new Main Partner to complete the center’s technology offering. BlackPearl’s role is to assist the hundreds of companies within the C2MI ecosystem with the development and commercialization of their products, as well as oversight and management of the SMT line in this unique state-of-the-art facility.

Located in Bromont, Québec, C2MI is the largest research and development center in Canada dedicated solely to microelectronic systems. C2MI is at the core of all industrial sectors, integrating components essential to the use and deployment of digital technologies.

BlackPearl covers the spectrum from conception, product design, PCB manufacturing, surface mount assembly, and advanced electronic packaging, as well as full mechanical, electrical, software, and firmware engineering. The partnership with C2MI enables BlackPearl to transform prototypes and early-stage research into market-ready commodities while diversifying supply chains vital to clean energy, electric vehicles, semiconductors, aerospace, and defense. Additionally, this collaboration ensures adherence to robust environmental, sustainability, worker health and safety, and community engagement standards.

In preparation for the partnership, BlackPearl created two new Canadian entities, BlackPearl Research, Inc. (Recherches Perle Noire, Inc.) and BlackPearl Innovation, Inc. (Innovation Perle Noire, Inc.), that will provide a premier investment role in Canada, specifically Bromont, Quebec, where a concentration of world leaders and corporations in semiconductors are setting the base of the new industrial Albany-Bromont Corridor.

BlackPearl Research, Inc. (Recherches Perle Noire, Inc.) delivers a multitude of critical opportunities for Canadian companies, from startups to established corporations, and its mission is to develop R&D initiatives to foster the ideation of modern technologies.

BlackPearl Innovation, Inc. (Innovation Perle Noire, Inc.) is a unique production, process, and logistics company that delivers fast-paced technologies, innovative products, and solutions for clients in the energy, biomedical, industrial, automotive, and aerospace industries. Its goal is to expand its portfolio to include semiconductor fabrication, ASIC micro-fabrication, MEMS wire bonding and packaging, and next-generation PCB fabrication to the Quebec innovation ecosystem.

“In our field of advanced technology, it is always exciting and inspiring to have partners for whom technology mixes with innovative ideas and sharpens creative minds to enable the development of new and novel technology products. We are delighted to welcome BlackPearl Technology as a partner in our Research Center. Their know-how, expertise, and experience in the field of custom assembly and embedded systems will be a major asset for the entire Quebec and Canadian microelectronics ecosystem. Their service offerings, which are a welcomed addition to ours, will serve to complete the research, development and prototyping activities of new products intended for a multitude of market segments in our world where digital technologies are at the forefront,” said Marie-Josée Turgeon, CEO of C2MI.

BlackPearl is also grateful to Technum Quebec, Investissement Quebec, and the Canada-Texas Chamber of Commerce for the invitation to be a part of the Innovation Zone.

“It is with great excitement that Technum Québec, a digital technology innovation zone, welcomes BlackPearl to Bromont,” said Normand Bourbonnais, CEO of Technum Quebec. “The BlackPearl team, for whom the entire world was a possibility, was quickly convinced that Bromont had all the elements allowing them to unleash their full potential.”

“The presence of BlackPearl in Bromont is great news for the economy, not only for the region, but for the entire country. Canada is a world hub for new technologies and this announcement confirms it,” added the Hon. Pascale St-Onge, MP for Brome-Missisquoi and minister of Sport and minister responsible for the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec.

BlackPearl is committed to supporting Canada’s growth as a key player in the constantly evolving semiconductor ecosystem in North America. With this partnership, their goal is to significantly reduce reliance on Asia Pacific countries to supply critical processes and services for advanced manufacturing and supply chain logistics. They will provide a secure environment where Canadian intellectual property and technology will not be available to be transmitted, leaked, or reproduced by offshore companies.

“BlackPearl is thrilled to be a part of the Innovation Zone ecosystem and a partner of C2MI. We are grateful for the support provided by the Consulate General of Canada Houston and Investissement Quebec, which has been instrumental in our semiconductor expansion and reshoring plans. Together, we will help to position Canada as a global technology and innovation powerhouse by launching products into the market faster, thus building a brighter future for North America,” said Misti Jeter, President & CEO of BlackPearl Technology, Inc.

BlackPearl’s collaboration with C2MI will not only bring jobs and revenue to the Quebec ecosystem but also help position Canada as a leading player in semiconductor, MEMS, and PCB design and production. By investing significant resources into R&D, BlackPearl aims to support the growth and advancement of these industries. In collaboration with C2MI, BlackPearl is well-positioned to assist North American and European companies in bringing technology products to market quickly and efficiently, while also maintaining a focus on quality and security.

To celebrate, C2MI and BlackPearl will be hosting a facility tour and press event on Monday, April 24th from 3:30-6:30 pm at C2MI.


Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, the BlackPearl group of companies is an exciting assortment of engineering brilliance coupled with manufacturing and client services. They are a state-of-the-art product development company handling product design and development lifecycles from start to finish. Fully staffed with electrical, mechanical, software and firmware engineers, their team is ready to bring ideas to life. They use the latest technology and innovations to develop reliable solutions that solve problems and improve processes. All design and manufacturing is done in North America. For more information, visit the BlackPearl website at


The MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI) serves as a reference in the development and commercialization of components essential to digital technologies, being a transversal vector to all economic sectors and critical to wealth creation. Backed by a world-class infrastructure in the manufacturing fields of microelectromechanical system (MEMS), advanced assembly of semiconductors, MEMS, compound semiconductors and electronic systems, as well as printable electronics, C2MI is at the heart of all industrial activity sectors integrating components essential to the use and deployment of digital technologies. The Centre is strongly committed to be a unique model of collaboration where synergy between industrial and academic partners is necessary, even essential, to the development of new generation products. Visit:

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“The presence of BlackPearl in Bromont is great news for the economy, not only for the region, but for the entire country. Canada is a world hub for new technologies and this announcement confirms it,” added the Hon. Pascale St-Onge, MP for Brome-Missisquoi.

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