The Melodic Innovators: 15 Must-Watch Music Startups in Austin, Texas

Unveiling the companies making waves in the Live Music Capital of the World.

1. AiMi
Breaking the Mold of Listening: With AiMi, it’s neither a playlist nor a radio. Experience a completely novel way to immerse in your favorite tunes. Just press play and dive into the new age of music.

Revolutionizing Live Music Management: Curated by music industry mavens for the professionals, is your all-inclusive software solution for the vibrant world of live music.

3. EarBuds Music
Socializing Music: EarBuds is not just about listening, but sharing. Connect with friends, create shared musical moments, and let the rhythm bind you together.

4. SecondBrain
The Future of Music Consciousness: Nestled in Austin, SecondBrain is pioneering the frontier of artificial consciousness in music.

5. LGND Group
Welcoming Music to the Web3 Era: A state-of-the-art music platform designed for the masses, with an aim to reshape the world of digital music.

6. Care2Rock
Transformative Tunes: With an unwavering passion, Care2Rock is on a mission to touch and transform lives through the power of music.

7. Pack House, LLC
Elevating Live Music Technology: Innovating at the heart of Austin, Pack House is refining the way we experience live music.

8. Cymatrax
Redefining Audio: Cymatrax is more than just music; it’s digital audio software designed for podcasts, corporate training, and even autism therapy.

9. Primesound
Melding Instruments with Digital Space: Dive into the world of musical instruments with an accompanying online magazine for a complete auditory experience.

10. Samplified
Simplifying Music: Samplified stands as a testament to the beauty of music in its purest form.

11. Rhythmo
Educating Through Beats: Rhythmo is on a mission to blend music with STEM education for teenagers, offering unique DIY cardboard MIDI controller kits.

12. Only In VR
Immersing in Musical Realities: OnlyInVR brings music to life like never before with its cutting-edge 360-degree virtual reality content.

13. Stereoactive Media
Crafting the Media Symphony: From podcasts to music streaming, Stereoactive Media offers an array of digital media services for the discerning listener.

14. Afterglow ATX
Illuminating the Digital Music Landscape: Dive into the world of digital music publications with Afterglow ATX’s eclectic range of media offerings.

15. Sound Music Cities
Strategizing Sonic Landscapes: Sound Music Cities is here to offer unparalleled expertise and solutions for managing sound issues.

With these 15 startups, Austin’s reputation as the Live Music Capital of the World is not just about live bands and festivals, but also about innovating at the intersection of music and technology.

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