Austin’s Health Innovators: Leading the Charge in Medical Excellence

A Spotlight on 15 Hospital Companies Shaping the Future of Healthcare in the Heart of Texas

The healthcare landscape is undergoing a rapid transformation, and at the forefront of this change are innovative hospital companies. In Austin, Texas, a hub for tech and innovation, a new breed of healthcare entrepreneurs are redefining patient care. Here are 15 hospital companies leading the charge.

Commons Clinic

Commons Clinic is revolutionizing specialty care in pain management, orthopedics, and reproductive health with consumer-focused programs. Their seamless integration of care makes them a standout in the hospital industry. Learn more.

Legion Health

At the intersection of mental health and organizational need, Legion Health is a beacon of hope. They are dedicated to connecting esteemed mental health professionals with the organizations that require their expertise. Discover Legion Health.


Insiteflow stands at the cutting edge of clinical decision-making with their EHR integrated platform. They simplify complex clinical decisions, ensuring patients receive the best care possible. Explore Insiteflow.

Health Behavior Solutions

This organization is on a mission to dismantle the barriers preventing access to proven mental health treatments. Health Behavior Solutions prioritizes evidence-based care for mental well-being. Visit them here.

Swish Dental

A blend of top-notch dentistry and innovative insurance services, Swish Dental is redefining oral health care. Their comprehensive dental solutions put smiles on faces across Austin. Smile with Swish Dental.


XFERALL’s mobile application is a game-changer for the transfer of critical care and patients with mental health and substance abuse issues. They make patient transfers seamless and efficient. Check out XFERALL.

Smart Position

Smart Position is leveraging the smartest RTLS to develop smart applications that enhance hospital services and patient care. They are pioneers in real-time location systems. Learn about Smart Position.


TeleRay stands as a system integrator developing crucial software and DICOM exchange platforms for telemedicine, expanding the reach of healthcare services. Visit TeleRay.

Texas Medical Management

With transparent pricing on a variety of surgical procedures, Texas Medical Management is a leader in both outpatient and inpatient services. They epitomize clarity and quality in healthcare. Explore Texas Medical Management.

UT Health Austin

As a premier health care sector, UT Health Austin is committed to delivering exceptional care and advancing medical knowledge. They are a cornerstone of Austin’s healthcare system. Discover UT Health Austin.

Smiles of Austin and Dripping Springs

Providing exemplary dental care services, Smiles of Austin and Dripping Springs is dedicated to oral health excellence. They offer a wide range of dental care services. Smile brighter.

Rainier Healthcare

Rainier Healthcare excels in providing comprehensive health, hospice, and respiratory care services, ensuring comfort and quality care for all patients. Experience compassionate care.

Roots Behavioral Health

Roots Behavioral Health is addressing the crucial need for mental healthcare with their specialized hospital services, supporting the community’s mental health with expert care. Root for health.

Entrusted Pediatric Home Care

As a provider of exceptional nursing services, Entrusted Pediatric Home Care offers unparalleled care for the youngest patients, right in the comfort of their homes in Texas. Entrust your care.

Howerton Eye Clinic

Howerton Eye Clinic is at the forefront of eye care, offering comprehensive exams, managing diabetic eye diseases, and performing LASIK and glaucoma management. See the difference.

Each company mentioned is a testament to Austin’s growing reputation as a center for healthcare innovation. These organizations not only enhance the city’s medical capabilities but also embody the spirit of progress that defines Austin’s community.

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