Houston’s Mobile App Innovators: Transforming Tech Landscape

Showcasing 15 Leading Mobile App Companies in Houston, Texas

Hot Shot Final Mile

Website: Hot Shot Final Mile
Description: Specializing in same-day courier delivery, last-mile services, and warehouse logistics, Hot Shot Final Mile leads in the delivery and logistics sector with innovative app-based solutions.


Website: Clutche
Description: Revolutionizing the way fans enjoy events, Clutche offers a unique service for concessions and merchandise delivery, enhancing the event-going experience.


Website: NUiT
Description: NUiT stands out in the social networking domain, offering a unique matchmaking service based on astrology and birth chart compatibility.


Website: PickleJar
Description: As a live entertainment payments platform, PickleJar revolutionizes the way artists and content creators monetize their work, fostering a direct connection with their audience.


Website: FareUpThere
Description: Targeting travelers, FareUpThere offers a comprehensive platform for booking flights and other travel services, simplifying travel planning.


Website: BRIK Apps
Description: BRIK Apps democratizes app development, offering a fixed-code solution that allows anyone to build and launch web and mobile app platforms without technical expertise.

Hooli Software

Website: Hooli Software
Description: Specializing in UX design, mobile application, and product development, Hooli Software provides cutting-edge IT solutions to various organizations.


Website: Nurseify
Description: Nurseify stands as a vital tool in the healthcare sector, enabling nurses to share their experiences, availability, and compensation expectations with healthcare facilities.

Just Create App

Website: Just Create App
Description: Focused on data collection and verification, Just Create App offers robust IT solutions, making it a key player in the industry.

Fresh Tech Solutionz

Website: Fresh Tech Solutionz
Description: Offering a range of services including mobile app development and social media solutions, Fresh Tech Solutionz is at the forefront of digital innovation.


Website: MRM-Soft
Description: MRM-Soft excels in digital marketing, designing bespoke business development solutions to enhance company growth.

Indigo Icon

Website: Indigo Icon
Description: As an IT and digital agency, Indigo Icon specializes in website and mobile application development, catering to a global market.

Scriptly Rx

Website: Scriptly Rx
Description: Scriptly Rx introduces an ethical approach to prescription drug discounts, offering an alternative to the traditional pharmaceutical model.


Website: Previe
Description: Known as the “Icebreaker” app, Previe offers an innovative platform for meeting new people in various locations, fostering anonymous social interactions.

Xamo Toolkit

Website: Xamo Toolkit
Description: Specializing in xamarin-based mobile frameworks, Xamo Toolkit simplifies mobile app development, enhancing productivity for developers.

Houston’s mobile app landscape is vibrant and diverse, with each company bringing unique innovations to various industries. From enhancing social connections to revolutionizing healthcare and logistics, these startups exemplify the dynamic spirit of Houston’s tech scene.

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