Dallas’s Dynamic Dozen: 15 Event Companies Shaping the Future of Entertainment

Exploring the hottest event startups in Dallas that are turning heads and revolutionizing the industry

1. Cosmunity

A digital hub for all things geek culture, Cosmunity thrives by connecting fans through virtual conventions, enabling event discovery, fostering social connections, and promoting media sharing.

2. Mambo LLC

Mambo is more than just a dance – it’s a sophisticated SaaS platform that perfectly aligns communication between communities and members for real-time updates on events.

3. Eventology Solutions

If there’s a need to enhance the experience of an event or venue, Eventology Solutions is your go-to. They offer customizable tools to help organize and manage events seamlessly.

4. Dallas Arboretum

Nature meets events at the Dallas Arboretum, a nonprofit that curates spectacular outdoor festivals and events while providing educational programs for both children and adults.

5. Spearhead Mobility

While primarily known as a mobile retailer, Spearhead Mobility makes waves in the event space, showcasing the perfect fusion of technology and entertainment.

6. WYN Conferences

Dive deep into the realms of medical, engineering, and health sciences with WYN Conferences, a network that holds international discussions on these pioneering subjects.


An art in its own right, PLUG PUBLIC RELATIONS is the epitome of connectivity, operating as a boutique agency with a flair for making lasting connections.

8. Kota Wellness

Melding fitness with events, Kota Wellness promotes health and well-being through its corporate and virtual wellness classes, activities, and events.

9. Brigade Events

Crafting memorable moments, Brigade Events offers top-notch event planning services to cater to all your celebratory needs.

10. Trinity Forest Golf Club

Whether you’re teeing off or toasting to a special occasion, Trinity Forest Golf Club seamlessly blends the world of golf with exquisite social event experiences.


The Expedia of private events and parties, simplifies the task of organizing your next big bash.

12. Armoury Deep Ellum

A concoction of cocktails, music, and event services, Armoury Deep Ellum guarantees a night of fun and frolic.

13. C&C Entertainment

Live it up with C&C Entertainment, a pioneering company in live event production, media platforms, and lifestyle branding.

14. SlideCase

With a mantra of “Share knowledge. Engage.”, SlideCase is an influential player in the event space, emphasizing collaboration and learning.

15. Venues N More

Taking the stress out of party planning, Venues N More offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure every celebration is a hit.

From geek culture hubs to fitness events, Dallas’s event scene is diverse and growing. These 15 companies are just a glimpse of the innovation and creativity the city has to offer.

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