Redefining Design in the Heart of Texas: Austin’s Top Product Design Startups

The Capital City’s Blend of Tradition and Innovation Paves the Way for Design Excellence

1. BestSelf Co – The Quest for Personal Excellence

BestSelf Co
In an era overwhelmed with information, BestSelf Co stands out with its elegantly designed productivity tools. Their mission? To help individuals maximize potential and evolve into their best selves.

2. Daito Design – Transcending User Experience

Daito Design
With a primary focus on UX and UCD, Daito Design pioneers enterprise transformation, emphasizing user-centric design and innovation.

3. Modernist Studio – Crafting Strategies, Designing Success

Modernist Studio
A haven for design strategists, Modernist Studio integrates design thinking into business operations, redefining the nexus between design and strategy.

4. MOD BIKES – Electrifying Urban Mobility

Catering to the eco-conscious urbanite, MOD BIKES revolutionizes transportation with sleek, efficient, and eco-friendly electric bikes.

5. H Robotics – Merging Healthcare with Tech

H Robotics
Dedicated to transforming the medical rehabilitation landscape, H Robotics integrates robotics and telehealth to aid patients, especially those recovering from strokes.

6. SPL Parts – Engineering Precision and Performance

SPL Parts
This innovative company takes automotive design to new heights with adjustable suspension components that promise unparalleled performance.

7. ALLPURE – Designing Health in Every Drop

In a world constantly battling germs, ALLPURE delivers meticulously designed hand sanitizers that promise safety with every use.

8. Roofio – Illuminating Homes with Sustainable Energy

By marrying design with sustainability, Roofio offers top-tier solar panel and roofing solutions, illuminating homes and conserving the planet.

9. Thiken – Where Ideas Take Shape

A trusted ally for startups and big brands alike, Thiken transforms abstract ideas into tangible, market-ready products.

10. Lighthouse Social – Navigating the Social Terrain

Lighthouse Social
While the description is succinct with just “Social,” Lighthouse Social is clearly navigating the terrain of social engagement with its unique product design strategies.

11. CTE Technology – The Backbone of Modern Electronics

CTE Technology
Offering unparalleled expertise in printed circuit boards, CTE Technology stands as a pillar in the electronics manufacturing industry.

12. Firsthand Fab – Where Dreams Become Prototypes

Firsthand Fab
Bridging the gap between concept and creation, Firsthand Fab offers both prototyping and production services to innovators and creators.

13. The Un.Inc – Designing for Change

The Un.Inc
Embracing a visionary ethos, The Un.Inc crafts products and spaces for those daring to bring positive change to the world.

14. <​Design Ethically> – Philosophizing Design Integrity

<​Design Ethically>
A groundbreaking platform, <​Design Ethically> offers a philosophical foundation for ethical design practices in an ever-evolving digital realm.

15. Codesmen – Pioneering Digital Transformation

A consultancy firm at its core, Codesmen specializes in shaping product strategies and spearheading digital transitions for diverse clients.

As Austin continues to grow and attract top talent, its design landscape flourishes. These startups exemplify not only the city’s rich design culture but also its commitment to innovation and excellence.

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