Elecate’s Strategic Acquisition of Synergy International: A New Dawn for the Hospitality Software Sector

A Union of Innovation and Experience Set to Usher in a Renaissance for Catering, Event and Rental Management Software

Key Takeaways:

  • Elecate, a startup formed by a coalition of Synergy International’s largest clients and Cikume Software, announces the acquisition of Synergy International.
  • Chris Marsh, the co-founder of Synergy, will take on a pivotal role as Chief Experience Officer in the new entity.
  • Elecate is set to drive innovation in the sector, benefiting both enterprise and boutique-level businesses.
  • The collaborative spirit between seasoned industry players and tech experts promises to deliver unparalleled solutions.

A Transformative Deal for the Industry: About Elecate and Synergy International

Elecate is not your average startup. Formed through the amalgamation of three industry leaders—24 Carrots, Best Impressions Caterers, and Russell Morin Catering and Events—with software powerhouse Cikume Software, Elecate has burst onto the hospitality software scene with a mission: to transform the way catering, event, and rental businesses operate.

On the other side of this groundbreaking deal is Synergy International—a household name in the hospitality and rental software arena with over three decades of steadfast service. Chris Marsh, one of the original masterminds behind Synergy, will be joining Elecate as the Chief Experience Officer.

The Ideal Fusion: Client Experience and Technological Prowess

The Promise of Customer-Centricity

One of the standout aspects of this acquisition is the fact that the clients are becoming part-owners. “The current Synergy software has allowed us to thrive as a business—we simply couldn’t have the same success today without it,” attests Russell Morin, President of Russell Morin Catering and Events. This collaborative client-owner model is slated to serve as a foundation for future product enhancements, ensuring that customer needs aren’t just met but exceeded.

A Fresh Wave of Innovation

At the heart of Elecate’s mission lies the spirit of innovation. Partnering with Cikume Software gives Elecate access to a wealth of technical expertise. “We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Synergy International,” says Mark Douglas, CEO of Elecate. “Together, we envision Elecate as a leader in delivering state-of-the-art solutions that cater to the highly diverse needs of the hospitality industry.”

What Does the Future Hold?

For the Big Players

Elecate’s immediate focus is clear: enhance the enterprise-level product with the latest tech advancements and best practices. Features that are already robust will be pushed to new levels of functionality and efficiency.

For the Underdogs

But Elecate’s ambition doesn’t stop with large enterprises. The company is also planning to create specialized solutions for boutique and smaller players in the catering, event, and rental space. This dual focus ensures that businesses of all sizes will have the resources they need to succeed and grow.

A Seamless Transition and Beyond

Elecate is committed to making the transition as smooth as possible for existing Synergy clients. More personalized support and resources are part of the plan to make this acquisition a win-win situation for all involved. The consolidation of resources and shared vision between Synergy and Elecate is poised to unlock new opportunities for clients, offering them a competitive edge like never before.

In Summary: A New Era for the Industry

In a space that demands constant innovation and adaptability, the merger of these seasoned and tech-savvy entities promises a future where catering, event, and rental businesses have access to an unprecedented range of software solutions. Through Elecate’s commitment to customer-centricity, technical excellence, and broad market focus, the hospitality software sector is entering a new era—one where possibilities seem endless and the only limit is imagination.

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