Powering the Future: TAU Systems Elevates University of Texas Laser to New Heights

Key Takeaways:

  • TAU Systems, a pioneering deep-tech company, has successfully upgraded the University of Texas Tabletop Terawatt Laser (UT3) to a peak power of 40 terawatts, marking a significant advancement in laser-plasma accelerator technology.
  • The collaboration between TAU Systems and the University of Texas at Austin aims to revolutionize laser-plasma interactions, facilitating the development of compact particle accelerators and advanced light sources for various industries.
  • The upgraded UT3’s enhanced capabilities will be pivotal in fueling breakthroughs in fields such as semiconductor manufacturing, battery technology, medical imaging, and more.
  • The successful partnership between TAU Systems and the university highlights the importance of public-private collaborations in driving scientific research and innovation.

About TAU Systems:

TAU Systems, an Austin-based deep-tech company, specializes in the development of compact particle accelerators and advanced X-ray free-electron lasers. By combining the power of large accelerators with a compact footprint, TAU Systems aims to democratize beam-time access, enabling companies to harness the potential of laser-driven particle accelerators in various applications.

A Quantum Leap in Laser-Plasma Acceleration:

TAU Systems has achieved a groundbreaking upgrade of the University of Texas Tabletop Terawatt Laser (UT3), enhancing its peak power to an impressive 40 terawatts. This achievement signifies a monumental stride in laser-plasma accelerator technology, enabling more efficient and potent acceleration of particles.

Collaboration for Innovation:

The collaboration between TAU Systems and the University of Texas at Austin is geared towards advancing the realm of laser-plasma interactions. By combining expertise, resources, and innovation, both entities strive to develop compact accelerator systems and advanced light sources that cater to a wide array of industries and applications.

Fueling Innovations Across Industries:

The upgraded UT3, with nearly double the energy output of its predecessor, is set to revolutionize various industries. Semiconductor manufacturing, battery technology, medical imaging, nuclear energy, and more will benefit from the accelerated particle beams and advanced light sources generated by the enhanced laser system.

A Leap in Laser-Driven Particle Acceleration:

Bjorn Manuel Hegelich, CEO of TAU Systems and a professor in UT’s Physics Department, underlines the significance of the UT3 upgrade: “Having successfully completed this important UT3 upgrade, we are looking forward to pushing the engineering frontiers of laser-driven particle accelerators.” This breakthrough will pave the way for new imaging capabilities and accelerate advancements both within and beyond UT.

Unlocking New Research Avenues:

Prof. Mike Downer, Distinguished Professor of Physics at UT Austin, shares the excitement surrounding the upgraded capabilities of UT3: “The new research capabilities enabled by this upgrade are exciting, and we look forward to furthering the development of compact electron accelerators and 21st-century X-ray sources.” The enhanced UT3 promises to open doors to groundbreaking research and innovations.

A Model of Public-Private Collaboration:

Christine Dixon Thiesing, UT Austin’s Associate Vice President for Discovery to Impact, highlights the success of the partnership between the university and TAU Systems: “This successful project is a great example of a private-public partnership between UT Austin and a local cutting-edge industry.” The collaboration exemplifies the potential of joint efforts in advancing scientific research and technological progress.

Pioneering the Future of Plasma Wakefield Accelerators:

The UT3 upgrade marks a pivotal step in making plasma wakefield accelerators commercially viable. TAU Systems’ ambitious plans include the installation of a system 100 times more powerful at its San Diego premises by the end of the year. This move is expected to create unprecedented opportunities for researchers in fields such as semiconductor manufacturing and EV battery development.

Conclusion: A New Era of Acceleration and Innovation:

The successful upgrade of the UT3 laser by TAU Systems signifies a quantum leap in laser-plasma accelerator technology. This collaboration between TAU Systems and the University of Texas at Austin exemplifies the power of joint efforts in driving innovation and scientific research. As TAU Systems advances its technology and opens doors to new applications, the potential for groundbreaking advancements across various industries becomes a reality. The upgraded UT3 stands as a testament to the role of public-private partnerships in shaping the future of science and technology.

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